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How to Maintain Great Mental Health

Your mental state and wellbeing are as important, and arguably even more so, as your physical health.

A positive psychological state enables your body to function well, develop meaningful relationships, maintain high self-esteem, and be better prepared to deal with life's ups and downs.


Here are some ways you can maintain great mental health:

Be aware of your emotions and reactions.

Notice what causes you to be sad, frustrated, or angry; these are your “triggers.” Attempt to work around these triggers to avoid falling into a negative state of mind.


Express your feelings in an appropriate manner.

Keeping frustration to yourself only adds to the tension, so share out loud and face the issue head on!


Think before you act.

Give yourself time to ponder and calm your emotions before you say or do something out of passion.


Manage stress.

Adopt a few relaxation methods and practice them daily. These could include deep breathing, meditation, exercise, or using your Chill Pill! 


Strive for balance.

Find a healthy balance between work and play, activity and rest. Make time for the things you enjoy, regardless of how “productive” they may or may not seem.


Take care of your physical health.

Exercise regularly, eat healthy meals and get enough sleep.


Connect with others.

Make a lunch date, join a Facebook Group, FaceTime your friends throughout the day. Just be sure to interact with another living person once a day.


Find purpose and meaning.

Discover what’s most important to you in life and prioritize that. This may be your work, your family, volunteering, caregiving, or something else. Whatever it is, dedicate significant time to the things that make you feel alive.


Stay positive.

Keep sight of the positive things about your life and be quick to forgive yourself and others when you can. Avoid toxic, negative people at all costs.


Looking for ways to stay calm and carry on with a stable mind?

Give the Chill Pill a try, risk-free!

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