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How it Works

Training Our Body

It sounds unbelievable: just by holding The Chill Pill in your hand, you can quickly calm down or fall asleep – while enjoying better sleep quality and reducing stress. But it’s true – and we have the real user stories to prove it!

It’s all thanks to a breakthrough method of pressure point stimulation that tell your nervous system to relax. This is 100% safe and natural… and now, thanks to the Chill Pill, you finally have an affordable handheld literal "chill pill" you can take anywhere!

Quickly Calm Down, Anytime & Anywhere

Carrying a Chill Pill is like having a warm hug in your pocket that you can discreetly turn to whenever you need a bit of comfort and calm.

It’s proven effective at promoting a general state of calm from head to toe. Simply adjust the pulse settings depending on your stress levels to effectively relax in any situation. With The Chill Pill, you never fight stress alone!

Fall Asleep Faster, Wake Up Refreshed

The Chill Pill helps you to fall asleep fast – without the need for drugs!

To fight those late nights, simply hold the Chill Pill in your hand as you go to bed. The gentle rhythms help return to your natural circadian rhythm so that you can calmly drift off to sleep at a proper bedtime every night.

Not only does The Chill Pill help you fall asleep faster, it’s also been shown to improve the quality of your sleep!

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How does the Chill Pill Compare?

The Chill Pill is so Discreet, Nobody Will Ever Know You're Using it...


Non-Invasive & Non-Addictive

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Portable & Discreet


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Frequently Asked Questions

More people than ever before are suffering from overwhelming stress and difficulty sleeping. And while we can't do much to alter a chaotic environment, we can do something about our mental state. The Chill Pill makes these hard times just a bit easier to get through by promoting calmer feelings and less stress. No more sleepless nights, no more uncontrollable panicking, and no more pointless sorrow!
Not at all! If it is uncomfortable to grasp at any point, try reducing the power or switching to a different, less sensitive pressure point.
The Chill Pill is an all-natural, stress-relieving solution that is safe for virtually anyone to try!
The Chill Pill is made with an ABS-Certified grade of Stainless Steel, wrapped in a silicone shell. It is designed to be kind to your skin even when you fall asleep with it in tucked into the palm of your hand!
While sleeping medications are known to be generally effective in finding rest, the problem becomes it's long-term consequences. After weeks, months, or even years of using medication to drift off, the likelihood of forming a necessary attachment to the pills is alarmingly high. In fact, most people build up a tolerance and only increase their dosage as time wears on. But with the Chill Pill, there is no frightening proclivity to addiction, no tolerance level, and the long-term use actually supports your mental state into no longer need a sleeping or calming aid of any kind!
The Chill Pill features a 500mAh battery capacity that has a running time of at least 20 hours. By automatically shutting down after 20 minutes, it's safe to say one charge will last you a while! Every Chill Pill comes with it's own USB charging cable.
Definitely, yes! The Chill Pill is designed to rest in the palm of your hands, calming your mind and body to promote better sleep. You won't have to worry about it falling off the bed or getting stuck under your leg all night, the sturdy, skin-friendly design lets you fall asleep and wake up well-rested without worry.
All orders are processed and shipped out within 1 business day. Once shipped, domestic orders within the U.S. normally arrive within 2-4 business days. However, inclement weather conditions, mail carrier issues, and customs may all cause delays in transit.

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