Positive Thinking Techniques to Beat the Bad Feelings

Positive Thinking Techniques to Beat the Bad Feelings

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Good vibes only! Positive thinking techniques are useful to remind yourself of the good in your life, especially when faced with obstacles. These are certain habits and techniques you can use to change your mood. Use these mental health tips to help you find some positivity in stressful situations.

Feeling super tired?

Ask Yourself: Why do I feel bad about myself right now?

When you've finished this, take a few minutes to think about what's made you feel this way.

Positive thinking: What would you tell someone else who felt the same way? Try to tell that to yourself.

If you find yourself weakened by poor food and exercise habits, feeling down about yourself can become persistent.

Go Outside. Take a walk to stretch your legs. Set some time aside to be outside. Being outside helps you move more and stay active. This is important because being active will help you feel better as well as boost your mood.

Chug Some Water. Drinking water helps keep your body in good shape, you'll be more energetic and less likely to get sick.

Recharge with a 20-Minute Nap. If you're feeling mentally exhausted, recharge your mental batteries with a short nap. Naps are perfect for helping you be productive during your day. Everyone needs a mental boost from time to time.

Fuel Your Body with a Healthy Snack. Give your body the nutrients it needs to stay strong. It's important to watch your food intake to remain healthy. Combine nuts, fruits, or vegetables with a high-protein snack for a low-calorie, healthy option.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Ask Yourself: What would really make my day that I will consider a win?

Positive Thinking: Take a moment to think about what the smallest possible change would be to your working situation that you can complete today to move things forward.

Achieve that and the rest of the things you want to get done can be spread out into manageable parts.

Ask Yourself: What am I doing right now? Is this what I should focus on?

If you're unsure what to do next, or what you want to do, consider breaking your tasks into smaller pieces.

Positive Thinking: Focus on one piece at a time, and get it done. Take a deep breath and tell yourself that it'll all be okay.

Feeling Bad About Yourself?

Ask Yourself: Am I judging myself on the right criteria?

Popularity and impressing others can be distracting and it doesn't help if you compare yourself to others.

Positive Thinking: Instead of counting followers, think about how many lives you're touching. Instead of thinking about how impressive a business is, think about the number of people it serves. Don't waste time trying to win over the approval of everyone.

Ask Yourself: What bad things are you saying to yourself? Write down 5 good qualities for every bad one.

Positive Thinking: Notice how many good things you're saying about yourself. If you think positive things, you'll feel better.

Now that you've identified the unhealthy patterns in your thinking, build good ones to replace them.

Take a moment and vividly imagine the best possible outcome that you could achieve in life. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.

Positive emotions and thoughts can help you lessen or eliminate negative emotions. This is especially true for anxiety, sadness, and fear of the future. Trying positive thinking techniques can help you learn how to beat bad feelings.

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