Chill Pill Review by Jaimi Erickson | SAHM Survival Guide

Chill Pill Review by Jaimi Erickson | SAHM Survival Guide

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The Stay-At-Home-Mom Survival Guide | The Chill Pill Review!

Check out her blog to see how Author & Mother Jaimi Erickson describes her genuine experience using the Chill Pill with her daughters

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chill pill reviewJaimi’s daughters were experiencing some terrible sleep issues. Her oldest, just beginning the struggles of pre-teen hormones, was having an awful time getting to sleep while the other began waking up at odd hours, struggling to fall back asleep!

She reports in her Chill Pill Review that “After one night, they both were asking to use it again the next.”

Along with so many other helpful tips and tricks for supporting healthy sleep habits with your children, Jaimi is happy to say that “The Chill Pill has been a great addition as a sleep aid in my home. My children highly recommend it.”

Luckily, her family had no need for any of the anxiety-reducing features of the Chill Pill, but all the same her Chill Pill Review is invaluable!

Thanks Jaimi! 🥰

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Stay-At-Home-Mom Survival Guide

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